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Cycling provides the triple bottom line public benefit for our neighbors, our planet and our local economy.

“For those of us in the overdeveloped world, the bicycle offers a real alternative to the automobile, if we are prepared to recognize and grasp the opportunities by planning our living and working environment in such a way as to induce the use of these humane machines.”                                S. S. Wilson, Scientific American, March 1973

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New Tread Lightly Bike Calculator Ouputs $$$ Saved/Includes CO2, Calories Burned
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Tread Lightly is a collaboration between YouSustain and BikeLane Coalition

"F As In Fat" Report shows America’s obesity problem now hurting children, with one in three overweight or obese in most states. Report also notes that obesity means 20%-30% higher health care costs. See our corporate page to learn of incentives to get workers commuting by bike.

Bike Shop/Car Repair Collaborate for Benefit of Customers, Environment Click here

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The Best Solutions are Elegant
Book our presentation of The Elegant Solution: Addressing 21st Century Problems with a 19th Century Invention.
The Elegant Solution educates audiences on how we can address the leading challenges of our times: health problems from a sedentary lifestyle, global environmental change from over one billion cars and rising transportation costs that impacts all  segments of society. For more information about topics, click here

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