BikeLane Services

BikeLane offers Ride Safe, The Elegant Solution, Freedom Bikes, and a Ride Calculator to promote cycling at all levels.

Ride Safe provides individual and group education on safe and efficient cycling.

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Cody and Dave

The Elegant Solution: Addressing 21st Century Problems with a 19th Century Invention is designed to educate the public on the health, environmental, and financial benefits of cycling.

Freedom Bikes dedicates a portion of the financial contributions from membership, donations and grants to provide bikes for low income individuals and families.

The BLC Ride Calculator Tread Lightly provides CO2 savings, monetary savings and calories used for your daily commute. It is the only calculator to account for inefficiencies of a cold engine.

Bike Friendly Real Estate provides locations of homes near or on bike routes and paths.

Your contributions help us meet our mission to educate the public, increase cycling safety and address environmental and social problems.

Summary of Activities and Accomplishments

1. Developed a corporate sponsor program called Cycling Solutions that works with for-profit and non-profit entities to increase cycling. RiverBend and NextStep Recycling are partners under this program. As part of this we provide web site presence for each company with routing information that includes distance, time, and CO2 savings.

2. Established a membership program that includes the option to receive roadside assistance through an exclusive agreement with Better World Club. This option also includes membership in the League of American Bicyclists, their newsletter and a year subscription to Bicycling magazine.

3. Worked to develop collaborations with various entities. Among them: Sustain Eugene, Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce (member), City of Springfield, LRAPA, LCOG, City of Eugene, LTD, Helios Network, among others. Promoted other cycling groups through our website links to GEARs, BTA and the League of American Bicyclists.

4. Worked to Reduce Pollution and Congestion. BLC has a dedicated bike commuter page with incentive and facts to encourage safe commuting, collaborated with the Mayor's Carbon Challenge to encourage cycling, developed the Freedom Bikes program to give bikes to low income individuals, and currently expanding our housing listing by developing a house finder for cyclists that seek to live near bike routes and bike paths.

5. Worked to Improve Safety. BLC developed the Ride Safe program and information on our web site regarding commuter safety, presented six classes on maintenance and safety held alternatively in Eugene and Springfield, disseminated information on traffic flow at the roundabout near RiverBend, and presented commuting information at two bike bridges events.

6. Integrated and Promoted Existing Alternate Modes. Developed an EmX page with updates on the West Eugene Expansion, developed an agreement to work with Bikestation  to develop a feasibility study of a Bikestation in our area, solicited and got agreements for discounts at Hutch's Bike Shops and Wheel Works for members, developed and presented The Elegant Solution to area service groups and agencies, provided information on legislative activities that affect cyclists, and established a collaborative relationship with CentroLatino Americano to serve the Latino youth through a grant proposal.

7. Established Freedom Bikes, providing bikes to low income individuals with continued assistance in return for their ongoing commitment to biking.

8. Responded to request for assistance with cycling related issues. Since May of 2008, BLC received and responded to 42 requests for assistance/information related to cycling. Of those about half were requests for help with routing or for information about bike path developments.

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