Below are a variety of bike and bike related resources. Links change often, so if you see one that is no longer working, or want to add one, email us. Click here.

City, County and State Resources

Bicycle Transportation Allliance

BikePortland (a blog)

Center for Appropriate Transport

City of Eugene (bike page)

Disciples of Dirt (MTB club)

Greater Eugene Area Riders (GEARs)

Poplollies: Women’s Cycling Team

Advocacy Organizations

Safe Routes to Schools

Alliance for Biking and Walking

League of American Bicyclists

Bicycle Alliance of Washington

Bikes Not Bombs

Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission (BPAC)

Transportation Alternatives

Wheels of Justice

Bicycle Universe

Bikes Belong

Better World Club Bike Page


The Wash Cycle (D.C.)

Communting by Bike

International Bicycle Fund

Warrington Bicycle Campaign

Bicycle Fixation

Article on “Green” cycling

Marin County Bicycle Coalition

Mayer Hillman-Why Kids Should Ride

Bicycling Life

Video comparing a commute by car, bus and bike compared

The Slow Bicycle Society

Why stop signs should be yield signs for cyclists

Ray Thomas on the Idaho Stop Law

Bicycle Law (Bob Mionske)

Urban Cycle Chic

Essay on bike advocacy (rides)

Bike Intelligencer

Bike Snob NYC (critique of bike culture)

Lane County Transportation System Plan

Oregon statutes relating to bikes and pedestrians

State of Oregon Bike Page (including the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway)

Travel Lane County (bike touring)

Travel Oregon (bike touring)

City of Eugene Visual Preference Survey by David Roth

Technical Resources

Ken Keifer’s Bike Pages (probably the seminal work on the subject)

Analysis of Bicycle Facilities

Evaluation of the Eugene Bikeways Master Plan (1979)

Physics of Cycling

Cycling Efficiency

Why Cyclists Hate Stop Signs (Energy)

Analysis of Bike on Bus Programs

Make Your Business Bike Friendly

San Francisco Bike Guide for Employers

World Watch Bike Statistics

How many people equal one car?

Folding Bikes

Bicycle Infantry

Bicycle Safety Calculations

Stats about various energy sources

Wikipedia on Bikes

Quotes about biking

Copenhagen study of biking

Center for Disease Control on helmets

Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

The True Cost of Driving

Sacramento Transportation Management page on Biking

Video on lights timed to speed of bike travel

Benefits of cycling from Australia

Animation of bike traffic laws

Bicycle Tutor (bike repair)

Bicycle Information Clearinghouse

Pedal Power (legal advice)

Folding Bikes on Buses

Real Price of Gasoline

Costs of Driving

In-car air pollution

Article on the City of Edmonds, Oklahoma’s bike program for City employees

Outlaw Bicycling (an essay on cycling subcultures)

Quantifying the costs of physical inactivity (a calculator)

Why exercise makes you smarter

A history of bicycles in the West

Impact of Bicycle Facilities on Commute Mode Share (a study)

Who pays for roads?

Dero Bike Racks (very unique)

Life is better with bikes TM