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Our Strategic Dependence on Imported Oil

The Elegant Solution: Addressing 21st Century Problems with a 19th Century Invention presents to audiences a variety of short distance transportation problems and solutions. The  presentation covers:

  • Use of fossil fuels by various transportation modes.
  • Environmental impacts of transportation choices. Health implications for adults and children
  • Financial costs from car based transportation modes.
  • Transportation needs by distance and time that can be met with alternative options.
  • Comparison of energy consumption between automobile and bicycle based transportation systems.
  • Environmental, health, monetary and energy advantages to bicycle based transportation systems for short distance travel.
  • Existing public perceptions that work against adoption of the bicycle for short distance transport and how to correct this inaccurate public image.
  • Community and individual profiles where change to increased use of cycling brought significant return on investment.
  • Financial (including tax incentives) public relations and productivity advantages to employers who support bicycle based transportation systems for commuting.
  • Methods to increase cycling among employees.
  • Consulting services.

    Every day seems to bring volatile gas prices, increasing medical insurance costs, and frustration by employees that there is little they can do. Our presentation is an opportunity to show how many can cut car use, improve their health, feel better, and gain the satisfaction that they are doing something to improve the environment.

    People ask after seeing the presentation how they can get started. Helping with the transition is our goal at BikeLane Coalition

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