Cycling Solutions Benefit Plan

Access the Advantages of Cycling and Save on Taxes!

Employers who encourage cycling among employees know the benefits: Increased productivity, fewer sick days, better attitude and less turnover, facts supported by research. Many also discover that promoting cycling creates an image of a company that is environmentally aware and concerned for employee welfare. In a recent BLC survey, over 85% of employees said employers were not doing enough to encourage commuting by bike.

Now nonprofit and for-profit businesses can receive tax incentives and offer tax free benefits for their efforts to increase commuting by bike (see example business below). The BLC Cycling Solutions plan offers a chance for employees to enjoy these benefits while employers develop productive and satisfied employees. With our group membership purchase, employees and employers win.  For example:

Employees Receive:

  1. Membership in our cycling advocacy group.
  2. A new member welcome packet, with information about commuting and recreational bicycle use.
  3. Education on safe cycling.
  4. Routing assistance.
  5. Discounts at participating bike shops.
  6. Refer a friend option, where a friend or family member can join BLC for half the regular price.

Employers Receive:

  1. Assistance to apply for Federal and State tax programs for bike commuting. For information on these programs, click here.
  2. Two hours of complimentary consultation regarding motivational programs and facilities design for cyclists.
  3. Hand outs on area cycling and cycling events.
  4. Our presentation; The Elegant Solution encouraging cycling.
  5. A poster displaying your support.
  6. Access to our continued support to maintain long term employee commitment to cycling.
The Cycling Solutions Membership Plan is priced according to the number of employees who join BLC, with discounts starting at just one membership! We believe that any commuter deserves credit, and are sure more will become members when they have a positive role model on site.

Bike Shop and Car Repair Facility Join Forces to Promote Bikes and Access Tax Credits

In a unique collaboration, Wheelworks shop owner Bill Cole and car repair shop owner George Rode worked with BLC Director Jim Wilcox to bring bikes to both of Rode’s shops, autohaus and Euro-Asian. For more information, click here.

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Life is better with bikes TM